Students services

We provide advice and direction for photography and art projects.

Using a prolab for the first time is sometimes an intimidating prospect, especially when the concept of analogue photography is about as familiar as tool design in the bronze age. Vision Imagelab has been dealing with a wide range of students since it's inception in 1988, from beginners who have never seen a prolab before to post grad students working on master's degrees. And we've been keeping up to speed with the digital revolution to boot.
Here's a few of the ways we can help you with your projects:
  Present your student card the first time you come in and get discounted services.
  Advice on film processing for photography assessments. Not sure what film you need? Was the lighting a bit off? We can help you out with camera settings, lighting tips and  appropriate film choice. And once you get to the processing part we can offer a fast two hour turnaround and affordable prices.

  High end film scanning when you need a presentation quality photographic print but the image needs a little work first. We've also have a bulk film scanning service when you need something a little more economical.
  Exhibition quality printing on photographic paper, fine art paper or even stretched canvas along with consultation before hand with our experienced printers. We can suggest the best printing method taking into consideration your desired look and budget. Our exhibition print services all include colour work on the image before printing so you really can get a pro look without breaking the budget.
  For exhibitions and major works we offer a range of different mounting and laminating options. We have samples of all of them at our reception desk and our staff can suggest different mounting methods to achieve the look you're after.
Browse our other services via the links to the left. If there's anything you need help with here please contact us, we are happy to help!